Great quotes have always motivated and inspired me.  You’ll see several throughout the Reinventure site.  They are meaningful and thoughtfully placed to hopefully give you a bit of insight as to who I am and perhaps to inspire you to experience the joy of Reinventure.

So as you think about this whole thing a little more, this quote sums it up all nice and tidy…Perhaps you can relate. 

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom again.”  Anais Nin

 I invite you to read a little or a lot about how Reinventure came to be.



I will try to keep this version relatively short and save the longer one for another time if you’re interested. But let me simply start by saying that I am the Poster Child for Reinventure. I have a rich resume with over 36 years of assorted and impressive business experience spread over 4 different industry careers in 4 major cities.  But, my true passions were always hidden at the bottom of the resume under “Hobbies and Other Interests.” 


Reinventure is the culmination of a life-long passion for fabulous clothing and creating beautiful spaces.   With the premise of style at its core, over 35 years experience in a wide range of residential and commercial design projects, as well as dressing hundreds women and men, Reinventure has emerged and is the foundation of what I’ve found to be my biggest joy and that which I now delight in sharing with others.


Getting right to the heart of the matter, I’ve probably reinventured myself 6-7 times if I remember correctly.   And because I’ve found it petrifying as I hit numerical milestones, my own reinventing has become as important as the air I breathe. I’ve found this to be true for many people, but without the push and inspiration they need to live, look and feel less ordinary and age appropriate — which is where I come in!


It’s recently become clear to me that I’m a fish out of water in the corporate world so I’ve continued to style and create special spaces by request and referral having now done and had an influence on over 40 projects. And, in 2013 entering the second half of my life, I decided to steer a course for Reinventure once again and indulge this passion full time. I’m doing what I encourage my clients to do. Take a risk, jump in, resist the ordinary and go for joy.


I have always believed that when you love the way you look you love the way you feel and that true style has no age. And when you feel great about your living space…well…all is right with the world or at least…a little better. And then…you feel like celebrating.


I’d love to work with you on finding your joy in Reinventure.