If you’ve recently found yourself newly single, alternatively careered, empty nested, downsized or just a little bored and stuck, Reinventure could be just what you’re thinking but don’t know where to start or quite how to get inspired.  Change is a great reason to have a reinventure!

We work with you as a consulting partner and are committed to providing unbiased, confidential and personal services related to amping up your style, space and entertaining.   The results can be amazing and the process is truly enjoyable.

Aligning ourselves both demographically and geographically with a variety of fabulous, expert resources we have so much to offer our reinventuring clients.  We draw from unique specialty retailers, department stores, on-line resources, salons, architects, craftspeople, caterers and assorted manufacturers, etc. whenever needed.   We are unique in that we do not profit from using any of those resources, and do not mark up and resell any products or services. We are a pure consulting service based on an hourly rate by project or a subscription engagement agreement.  We work with our clients both in person and virtually, whatever works best based on your preferences. 

Our objective is to be an on going, affordable, can’t do without, trusted reinventuring resource versus a one-time association.

Fees are based on an hourly rate by service(s) or by a project rate we define together. Hourly rates average just $150 and longer term custom project rates start at $1500.

We are working on a Subscription Consulting Model; “Virtual Reinventure” coming soon.

Take a leap to the Contact page and send me a note (click here).  I’d love to hear from you!