Press Release: From Room Refresh to Style Makeover – Discover the Joy of Reinventure

August 4, 2015


From Room Refresh to Style Makeover – Discover the Joy of Reinventure
Reinventure Helps Clients in Transition Reinvigorate Their Style, Re-imagine Their Space, and Celebrate

Minneapolis, MINNESOTA – February 27, 2015 – With the premise of style at its core, L. Menar’s The Joy of Reinventure helps men or women who are stuck or in transition to “reinvent with adventure” as they seek to revitalize their personal style or renovate their space.

“I have always believed that when you love the way you look, you love the way you feel and that true style has no age,” says Reinventure founder Linda Menar. For more than 35 years, Linda has styled both men and women to reflect their evolving and unique personal style. “I love helping people reject what’s usual or expected at ‘a certain age or station,’ mixing things up with a touch of lime and finding the style that gives them differentiation, new-found confidence, ease and joy.”

Reinventure also re-imagines living spaces. Over the years, Linda has developed a knack for helping people to renew or redecorate their space with a simple room refresh or a full-scale home redesign to give it soul and grace and keep them loving their nest.

Shares client Patrick, “L. Menar is a style genius and was born to do this work. She creates spatial beauty and individual style with her eyes closed.”

Linda brings this same sense of style and engagement to clients’ celebrations, whether planning the perfect party or business event or crafting a memorable intimate dinner with friends.

Based in both Minneapolis and Scottsdale, she also travels to clients around the US and conducts services virtually.

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Linda Menar, president and founder 612-840-8544

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About L. Menar’s The Joy of Reinventure

Linda Menar is the poster child for reinventure. Her rich resume covers over 36 years of assorted and impressive business experience over 4 different industries in several major cities.

She has reinventured herself 6-7 times as she transitioned through her life, career and relationships over the years. In starting L. Menar’s The Joy of Reinventure, Linda did what she encourage her clients to do: take a risk, jump in, resist the ordinary and go for joy.

Her passion for style, space and celebration started in the late 80’s with the opening of several women’s clothing stores that provided a different approach to business dressing with punch, color, and personality.

She has completed over 40 residential and commercial design projects, including a few of her own. With design advice or full renovation project management, Linda orchestrates a simple room refresh or extensive home makeover that ensures clients have surroundings that are comfortable and inviting and fit their lifestyle.

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