"You gotta have style. It helps you get up in the morning." Diana Vreeland 

It's high time. You know you want to. You know you need to. Time to look in the mirror and embrace what you see knowing you are as much a piece of work as work in progress.

REINVENTURE STYLE helps you rediscover and refine your unique style, resulting in both a look and a wardrobe that is awesomely perfect for ALL the areas in your  life today.

Let’s rediscover and embrace the style that is uniquely your own. This is your time.



“Insist on yourself. Never imitate.” Ralph Waldo Emerson 

REINVENTURE STYLE is a great resource whether you want a full makeover, a wardrobe refresh or just need a little nudge in a certain direction or some honest opinions. Quite simply, I’ll help you refine your style; love what you wear and how you look. 

An elusive creature this thing called “Style”. We often recognize it when we see it, but it’s difficult to put into words. Descriptors like punch and panache, classically cool, unique, unexpected and edgy have been some of the many used to describe mine. But when people that I work with, the majority of whom have become friends say to me, “I want that.” Well… that’s where the fun begins. 

We can refresh your look and rebuild your wardrobe with purpose and expand the many options you have today to make you look and feel your best. It’s an adventure with lots of experimentation with results so fabulous you’ll wonder why you waited. 

Your style is a lot like any long term relationship. If you dont shake things up once in a while and experiment, boredom sneaks in.”  Rachel Zoe

THE CLOSET CALL© It all starts here…

L. Menar pioneered The Closet Call way back in 1989 when she was dressing some of Los Angeles’s top women executives and other notables. The belief has always been that there’s a lot of hidden style in our closets albeit stuffed in the way back and that it makes sense to assess it with another set of eyes, determine what you absolutely love and why you’re wearing it or not. Then, tweak where needed. That could mean nipping, tucking, altering and then refreshing in a variety of ways.  We pay homage and give front and center to those pieces you love. We purge what won’t or is not working based on many factors including how you live and work today, body changes and we look at how today’s trends can compliment what you own. We discuss what to do with what we don’t need such as consignment and donation and then we fill in the gaps.

We’ll develop a list that can be filled based on budget and time. But the end result is a closet with clothes that work and actual outfits that you know will compliment your body, your life and work style as well as a newfound confidence of how to make it all work together effortlessly. Your old favorites and new looks get mixed, matched, tried and even tossed until you have awesome looks that inspire smiles, ease and lots of wows.

Styling Inspiration and Your Go-To Resource 

REINVENTURE STYLE can be a great resource whether you want a full makeover, a wardrobe refresh or just need a little nudge in a certain direction or some honest opinions. Quite simply, I’ll help you refine your style; love what you wear and how you look.

Back to the Basics

If you’ve not indulged yourself in a while or haven’t gone back to basics in a year or more, it’s high time. For women, we can arrange just the right services to help you look and feel your best. From the perfect massage, facial, mani and pedi to a fresh new haircut and color, the right makeup and finally the perfect new undergarments and shapewear. For men, the same without the makeup and shapewear, lol but we’ll help you set the stage for your new and refreshed style adventure. It’s really great fun. 

Personal Shopping 

With a plan in hand after creating a must-have list for your wardrobe and great-rediscovered style, the shopping part can be the most rewarding especially when we set a course to navigate both stores and online choices to find your perfect pieces. Ill work to fit your style and budget and will find exactly what you are looking for.

Styling Advice 

Tons of clothes but unsure of how to put them together? With fresh eyes, I can help you develop great looks that you may be missing from what you already own or we can take on an entirely new style adventure.

Look Book

Personalized styling advice to live by. Following the Closet Call and wardrobing updates we can custom build a reference book for you featuring styling tips and tricks, outfitting advice for your body type, colors to use as well as ideas for accessorizing the perfect outfit.

Online Assistance  

If you need quick advice or you can’t commit to a full wardrobe and style sessions, we can connect virtually. It really works! You can send me an e-mail describing your situation and we’ll schedule an appointment on-line and/or via phone. With a little bit of info about your style, body shape, general sizes for tops and bottoms, and what you need an outfit or a wardrobe for; (casual every day, travel excursion, evening out, work wear) we’ll get it handled with ease. After our session, I’ll send you an e-mail back that will outline complete solutions along with links to buy each item. Then it is up to you to put together the outfit by purchasing the items or supplementing things from your current wardrobe to fit the picture! You can subscribe to this service through ReinventureVirtual when it’s available or use it as needed.